Evolution S3 TNE Neck Pillow
Evolution S3 TNE Neck Pillow

Evolution S3 TNE Neck Pillow

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Introducing the ultimate solution to uncomfortable travel: The Neck’s Evolution S3. This revolutionary travel pillow features our newest globally patent-pending innovation: the comfiest, most secure, gravity defying chin-strap technology that allows for maximum head and neck support at all angles, while cleverly leaving a large opening at the front of the neck for heat to escape.  Your head falling forward while trying to sleep on a plane is now a thing of the past!  The Neck’s Evolution S3 also includes our revolutionary raised side supports and seat strap system that keeps your head in place as you drift off to sleep – and stay that way - on flights and on all high-back seats


INTRODUCING OUR NEWLY REIMAGINED PILLOW: TNE- THE NECK’S EVOLUTION. From the makers of CNN’s Top Travel Pillow three years running; our newest, most, innovative travel pillow is the perfect neck pillow to comfortably rest on a long flight, long car ride, trains and anything in between. Top off your travel kit with this premium support pillow to help avoid neck kinks, back strain, or even embarrassing public snoring.

CHINSTRAP TECHNOLOGY: A fully customizable fit to prevent “bobblehead” movement, keeps your mouth closed during travel, and ensures your head is secured. The open neck design allows for not only a customized fit, but also optimal heat flow that accounts for personal body temperature regulation and constant airflow.

EXCLUSIVE S3 SEAT STRAPS - Attach our neck pillow for travel to ANY chair, including airplane seats or office chairs to prevent slouching or falling forward, keeping head and spine in perfect alignment for ultimate comfort and support.

ERGONOMIC MEMORY FOAM DESIGN: The Neck’s Evolution is the first memory foam core pillow with an adjustable chinstrap to support your head in all directions and provide 360° comfort - something NO OTHER PILLOW on the market does!

PROFESSIONALLY RECOMMENDED: The Cabeau pillows are orthopedic expert-approved and recommended to support any seated activity that tires the muscles supporting the head. Enjoy fully supported relaxation with our headrest pillow for neck, spine, and head support.