Motion Relief Bands
Motion Relief Bands

Motion Relief Bands

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  • Kinetosis, otherwise known as motion or travel sickness, is caused by a conflict in which the viewer’s perceptions do not match the sensations felt within the inner ear. It can occur in a number of situations, but is most commonly experienced in a car, boat, train, or airplane. While there are a number of treatments for motion discomfort, one of the newest ways to ease symptoms is through Motion Relief Bands.
  • These bands gently apply acupressure to the Nei-Kuan point, located on the underside of the wrist.
  • They are adjustable and appropriate for both children and adults.
  •  Safe and effective way to relieve the discomfort caused by motion travel
  •  Elastic bands fit comfortably around wrists, while disc applies just the right amount of pressure
  • Weight: 1.0 Ounces travel accessories